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Hellfest 2013 - Korn - Full Set

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I was really excited to listen to this with Head rejoining, but about halfway into the first track "Blind", it just sounds like they're all over the place. The drummer blows it a few times within the first 2 minutes. :(

This is a link to a google docs version - apparently better sound.
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Wirelessly posted :)dio:)

Isn't the drummer the psycho kid in the movie Wedding Crashers

drummer can be seen 6:34 into the video btw
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Is it the band or the feed?
It reminds me of a vinyl record constantly changing speed. :shrug:
Can't watch it, but their performance at Download was mind blowing.
Something is messing up the audio every 2 seconds, really annoying! It seems like the feed is skipping the last beat in every second bar.
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