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Hello all, I'm a guy from Barquisimeto, a medium sized city (having around 1.500.000 people) from Venezuela.

I'm Software Engineer for a living and been fooling playing guitar since a boy, composing some music every other year for the last 20 years or so, but mostly never finishing anything.

but two years ago I committed to the idea of taking my hobby to the next level, and since I have been more disciplined in everything music related, my guitar practicing, my compositions, etc.

been an electric musician in my country is hard money wise, everything is very expensive, for example a ESP LTD M50 (a 200$ guitar) costs here two month of minimum wage

but in the used market if you have patience you can get some nice opportunities. Also having an American sister had facilitated my process of getting some of the tools for the job.

I started a few month ago a metal band with prog influences, think of a heavier porcupine tree with some elements of 90's king crimson added and a touch fusion and you get close to what we are trying to do...

we are now working in our compositions, it's a long process, and we don't have all the time we wish to put in the band cos every band member works in something not music related for a living, but we are very happy with the results so far.
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