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Sumerian Drone Priest
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What's up guys, im a doom playing, low guitar slinging, waaaaayyy too overdriven, often caught screaming, guitar gear whore. I joined up to throw some ideas around with you guys and get your feedback. I am not a lead player, i focus on creating tone, dissonant rythmnic melodies, and atmosphere. I've never had a desire to learn how to play solo's or scales, throw me an off the wall dissonant chord in drop B that makes the walls shake with the bass turned up too ten and i will be as giddy as a high school dweeb on prom night with his own hotel room, booze and the girl from down the street who has problem's saying no. I will post some pic's up of my rig in the next week or two, till then i will just be chillin and grillin.


BTW i'm sure the most used emoticon too describe me will be this one ---> :nuts:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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