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Hey there. I'm Nick. The name of my melodic doom/death project is multiply.infinity. I am writing and running demos for an upcoming release, likely set for early 2014.

Previously, I released an EP in 2006 and a full-length CD in 2008 under the name Vinculum Terminatii.

In the past I was a founding member of Massachusetts death metal band Goratory (as a vocalist), formed and recorded with the slam-death/grind band F**kfest (vocals/guitar), and a couple of other random projects, as well.

I primarily play baritone guitars (ESP MHB400, Agile AB3500, Alvarez ABT60 Acoustic), I'm "harmony-happy", and I'm definitely a gearhead.

I just wanted to greet you all, and thank you for having me.

:dmetal: \m/ RTFO \m/ :dmetal:

Nick - multiply.infinity
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