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hello metal heads lol

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Hoya, so glad I found this site, I thought I seen them all before but hey there you go again!
Anyway im a long time metal guitar player and admirer of many into music at age 8 after hearing the stones, Beatles, then after that I heard black sabbath when I was 12, my brother took me to shows with him to see the Ramones, Iron Maiden, Pat Benatar, Ozzy Osbourne, including meeting the band before and after Randy passed away..I studied classical, blues and some really excited about the amp sim platform as we finally reached a decent stage in replicating (not all) but close to what mostly gets captured in a mix...never gonna feel like the real thing but you can turn things up.., sorry for the one huge sentence lol

Here is a Soundcloud account where I test the main missing guts of tube amps and gain stage where sims lack like the contour, reacting to asymmetrical (Boss SD-1) and symmetrical (TS) external 90s modded keelie pedals and even direct outs from Marshall combos., im after the grinding chain saw tones that have absolute Brutal effect in a almost there on sim format and working on new tracks to finally share.

hope you guys join in, I can share presets I made
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