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Hello, I hope someone can help. Im good at soldering but I cannot seem to get this to work.
Ive followed every bit of advice....
I have 2 humbuckers and a 3 way toggle in the guitar...thats it. And I have a button that pushed in is on, pushed again it cuts the ground//off.
Im using a stereo output jack so it turns the LED on until I unplug the cable.
When I plug in the guitar, the LED comes on, thats okay.
But when I push the button in, when its supposed to be ON, its completely quiet...when I push it again theres tons of buzz and I can hear the guitar a little bit.
So somethings backwards and tons of buzz...Im at wits end.
Oh yes, btw, I did put a pot back in where I have grounds run to and then one going to stereo jack.

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Hey Steven,
there's two ways to wire up an LED switch
so maybe the wires just need to be swapped to a different configuration.

Just to clarify,
the sound is only being heard when you press the button?
so in reverse of what you want?

On top of that,
you are hearing buzzing?
This sounds like a grounding issue but I would need some more info on how everything is connected at the jack.

Now I just signed up to the forum,
so I'm not sure if this is okay but I do have some installation guides & videos for kill-switches here:
How To Install A Guitar Kill Switch

Maybe check it out and see if you wiring is aligning up to how we do it.
If the link is not allowed, please edit it out (admin).
Maybe I can post just a YouTube video and some photos
but there's much more useful resources and diagrams on the site.


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i did one from iron ag ein a friends Thuinderbird bass he wanted to kill the bass when they dwent to break intera of scrtewing with the amp it had an led that turne don when it had power and off when i did not. it was a bugger to get down atarted with a 2032 that di nnot work ed=nde up woth a 9v power sorce kinda like an active systemn butfor the life of me i cqnt remeber ghow i did it but akl in all it worked.
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