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Hello all,for the past 4 years i have used a peavey bandit with a average g1x zoom multi efx pedal and a rc 2 loopstation. i recently got payed out for a insurence claim due to a motorbike stack:yesway: so i decided to treat myself to a jsx amp 5150 cab and pedals. but the problem is i have no idea how to run the chain of pedals. so i was wondering if someone can explain how to do it and even maybe draw a simple diagram for me? The amp/pedals will arrive soon.

this is what i have

1 peavey jsx with 5150 cab plus the footswitch
1 maxon od9 pro plus tube screamer
1 boss rc 2 loopstation
1 tc electronics polytune
1 tc electronics hall of fame reverb
1 vintage boss analog phaser
1 vintage peavey cmc 1 chorus
1 vintage aria ddx 10 delay
1 vintage Ken-Multi Analog Flanger

Any help would be good with no criticism towards the gear choice haha, i have other mates who play but they all seem to have multi efx pedals aswell. and i dont really trust there judgment on asking them how to set it up. I feel a bit special because i can play well i just don't know anything about the gear,,,,,,,,,,setup.:nuts:

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I would do the following:

Polytuner - tubescreamer - JSX - FXloop - phaser/chorus/flanger - Delay - Reverb - Loopstation.

Depending on what effect you want with the phaser/chorus and flanger you might want to put them before the amp as well. Same with the loop. Do you want the effect of the looped signal to wash out with loads of delay then put the loop before the delay and effects. If not, put it last in the chain. And if you're going to use all this stuff I reccon you might want a noise gate to go with it :D

Or get a Gmajor or a Axe Fx :D
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