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Help to shred

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Hi guys,

I'm new here and came to ask for your help.

I'm almost 39, started playing guitar when I was 14 but, later on, college, work and life in general took over, so now I'm (quite literally) a blues lawyer, mindlessly playing pentatonics and getting bored at it.

Due to some personal issues (mental health issues to be exact) I'm in need to rekindle my relationship with the guitar and I want to reach a goal I had 25 years ago: to become a proper thrash metal guitar player (my idol on this being Gary Holt and I also have a huge appreciation for Marty Friedman during his Megadeth stint), if possible with license and ability to shred.

That's where I need some suggestions: I have no chance of getting personal lessons where I live, so does anyone know of a proper online resource I can use? Not looking for freebies, I can pay the appropriate fees, just need guidance on what to exactly do.

Thank you everyone! šŸ¤˜
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There's a lot of guitarists from known bands who do Skype / Zoom video guitar lessons, and also downloadable video lessons etc but obviously these are less personalised.
What exact things do you want to learn? There's lots of free info out there on YouTube.

Edit: I'm answering this as I'm also in the same position as you and have been looking into things.
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