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After two guitars that I couldn't fit the covered Dimarzio's into, i finally figured I'd put them into my RG550, replacing a Crunch Lab/Liquifire set I'd had in there for a few years.

Compared to the CrunchLab, the Titan has a bit more edge, more bite. The CL may be a but fuller, but doesn't have the same punchy clarity as the Titan. There's not much i can say that hasn't already been said about this pickup honestly, the lows are tight yet strong, mids punchy, highs smooth blah blah blah. The clarity beats my D-Activator equipped guitars, and I'm considering ordering an uncovered set for my S5470 (that or Illuminator set...)

Here's a little demo I did this morning testing the pickup in a mix:

here are the solo's guitar tracks, left and right:

I left everything un-eq'd so get more of an idea of the raw distorted signal.

Signal path is:
RG550>Saffire Pro 24> TSE 808 plugin> Toontrack Metal Amps "Going to the Mid Side"
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