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Hey Metal heads!

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Hey everyone. Great site!
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Who is the new mystery person(s) behind the LGM mask?
Just to clarify, [highlight]i had nothing to do with the design of the Leviathan.[/highlight]

I did Jeremy's website and did all the mockup renderings (and came up with a good chunk of the finish ideas) but the design of the instrument itself was all Jeremy's... and now obviously the property of the new owner.

I had no hand in the design at all.


Just so we're clear.
I just didn't want anybody getting the wrong idea. Rumours keep circulating, and i try to make sure everybody knows the truth. :)
The "about" section on the LGM page is still signed Jeremy :lol:
LGM Guitars is no longer owned by Jeremy Ferguson. We bought out the company last year. Check out the website Intro: Guitars [highlight]in the weeks to come[/highlight] for news & updates on availability, pricing, etc
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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