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Guess, I'll do one of these as well.

I've been following this place since the original peeps left (still not sure what happened there though), but I never actually got round to actually registering here.
I had noticed though that this place has really been forming a nice community which really seems to have earned it's place on the web now.
Also it seems that the guys running the site are really going out of their way to make it as user friendly as possible.

Hence the decision to actually contribute something instead of just lurking :) .

in short about me:

I've been playing for roughly 25 years, of which I played classical guitar for the first 10. Switched to electrical after a friend of me convinced me to start a hardrock band (obviously sucked, but had a lot of fun) ). I've had some downtime over the years but always kept practicing for a few hours a week no matter what.
I've played in lot's of different bands (Jazz, blues, hardrock, metal, metal! METAL!). But my main band has been the trash/death metal band I've been in for the last 10 years.

Outside the band I'm heavily in to Vai, Zappa and Necrophagist/Obscura type tech metal, and although I consistently fail to write anything remotely in that league, that doesn't stop me from trying and having fun.


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