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Driver called Giorgio Bartocci caught in this raging blaze at Brno in the Czech Republic. The race was the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Cup, a support race for the FIA GT1 championship.

It took them 80 seconds to get him out the car. :(

Apparently he has serious injuries, burns all over his body, broken arms and legs, and a dislocated shoulder. :/

Can't believe an FIA-spec fuel cell explodes that easily tbh. :/

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If the fuel cell was located in front of the firewall, it really didnt stand a chance of an impact like that. The front end was completely crushed.

Unfortunately that's the danger of lower spec racing. Safety measures arent as cutting edge as in the higher formulas. Most of these cars have their fuel and oil tanks positioned more for ballast reasons rather than safety.

BTW. That location where he hit really needs to be reprofiled. If the barrier were straight instead of an acute angle, then the damage would probably not have been as bad. Because he essentially hit the beginning of the pit wall.
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