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How do you like your steak

How do you like your steak

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Well? lets have it!

Bloody and rare for me. Ill usually sneak off a piece or two before i grill it even
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Any kind of ground meat should be medium-well or more. Pink inside burgers is bad.

But my steak i like to be tender and meaty inside, but warm all the way through. But as soon as it gets to be that gray-brown all the way through, it loses its juiciness and its flavour, in my opinion. Well-done steaks are dry and flavourless... you might as well just be eating a piece of leather. But i'm not a big fan of the texture of most raw meat unless i know it's a REALLY good piece of meat that's been properly cut and aged. I've had some amazing carpaccio, and i do like sushi. :yum:
The one exception is if you or the place you're eating the burger from grinds their own meat, and uses decent cuts. Otherwise, yeah - a little pink on the inside (the equivalent of a medium steak, where it's hot but not quite brown) is about as good as I'd go at a decent burger place. At somewhere sketchier, then cooked through. I usually order medium, since it usually comes out medium well.
What i've read is that even if it's a "good" place, if there's any bacteria growing on the outside of the meat (where it's more likely to be contaminated) before it's ground, that bacteria gets mixed in, and if it's not cooked thoroughly all the way through, it's not hot enough to kill the bacteria. It's still risky even if you grind it yourself.

... I'll order rare, for the simple reason that almost without fail steaks seem to come in a bit more well done than you order them.
I think this is likely because at most restaurants, especially busy ones, the food sits for at least a couple of minutes in the kitchen before the server brings it to your table, so it continues to cook on the inside.
I prefer the taste of a well done steak doused in A1 sauce and seasonings. I also wouldn't throw a charred steak off the plate.

I occasionally use a little bit of Montreal Steak Spice on my steaks (rubbed in prior to grilling) but i also like the taste of the naked meat, with nothing added.
I thought you would have said, "warm and bloody."
1 - 9 of 108 Posts
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