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How do you like your steak

How do you like your steak

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Well? lets have it!

Bloody and rare for me. Ill usually sneak off a piece or two before i grill it even
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I like steak medium rare usually. Sometimes I'll go for rare.
Drew, try this as a rub on the next steak you cook:

Emeril's Creole Seasoning (Essence) Recipe : Emeril Lagasse : Food Network

It is seriously tasty, and gives it a slight bite that even the non-spicy food people will enjoy. My wife loves it, and she generally starts complaining when I break out the black pepper grinder.
I keep that and his southwest seasoning in shaker jars next to the stove.
BILL!!!!! :pops: :wub:
You might as well eat hamburger if you are going to do that. :lol:
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These flat iron steaks intrigue me. I'll have to try one.

The Flat Iron Steak - Is it really the best cut of Beef?
I saw Alton Brown do that once with some skirt steak for fajitas once but I've never tried it.
Here's the example I was talking about.

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