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How to fell a hung tree (One of the manly things you should know)

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This is pretty slick. :yesway:
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(Or you could do it this way..)

On topic, that dude's got some serious balls. He didn't even flinch when that tree started coming down. :metal:
After watching that video I now have more hair on my chest. :yesway:
I prefer the second method.
(Or you could do it this way..)

YouTube - Super Fast Tree Removal
Hahaha, I was thinking this a minute into the first video :lol:
As someone who worked on a tree removal and trimming service for three summers, I very much appreciate the skill this guy demonstrates. None of the foremen I worked with were this smart, and I almost saw death twice from not planning out difficult operations like this.

If he'd not put that bottom release cut in as expertly as he did - if it were too steep relative to the plunge cut - that tree could have twisted off the stump ("barber-chairing") violently, sprung back and smacked him straight on. Very risky, very cool video. :yesway:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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