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I bought a Zildjian Mega Bell ride from the 80s!

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I've had a Paiste Alpha Metal Ride for many years and while I have been (and still am) happy with it... A band came by to record a few songs at my studio and they had a Zildjian Mega Bell ride with them, and I was like :eek: so I had to get one for myself.
Found one from the 80s on Ebay for a decent price!

Oh my this mega bell ride is freaking SWEET!!!!

The bell isn't just louder and thicker, the whole ride sounds "cleaner" in the way that it doesn't have a lot of bright overtones shimmering constantly, which should make for a cleaner mix when recording. With that said, I will probably keep my drums setup like this with 2 rides next to each other because both have great uses for different styles/songs/etc.

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