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I can haz BMW?

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Things are moving nicely on the swap. Need to find an oil pan from an older 530I, need an oil pickup fabricated, need a set of headers, and a 3" exhaust fabricated... its a long term project though, and I think budget constraints will show soon, because I need to replace the entire suspension, fabricate a 6 point cage, and replace every rubber part I possibly can...
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Wait, you're gutting your beautiful 330 to put the motor in that oldschool rustbucket? :lol:
Yes indeed, but not worth gutting that 330 for! :scream2:

Adam, you're out of your mind! :lol:
That's a ~20k car though. How much is a new subframe? Your insurance company actually totaled it out?
Uh dude, its an 01 with 150k on it, its a 6k car max, with 5-7k damage.
For some reason I thought it was a lot newer. :lol:

Still a nice car though. Fucking sucks about the shaftjob you got. :(

Upside, you can part it out now and probably make a killing.
If you lived up here, I'd let you take the 2010 sitting in my driveway right now (service loaner) out for a couple of hours to beat the bag out of it.
Real men drive real transmissions.
Real men commute to work every day in traffic. :lol:
Kaufman stuffed an LS1 into his E36. I believe in you, sir. :metal:
You're saying you're getting vacuum leaks because they're audible or because it's behaving accordingly...?

I'm stuck with a 4x4 because I've got a boat and trailers and bullshit to tow around but if I can work out something (second vehicle, getting one of my relatives to take over towing responsibilities, etc.) I'd dig an E30 or older bimmer wagon of some sort.
E46 M3 > *
"It's not how well you weld, it's how well you grind." :lol:
Some people bore them to get some extra displacement, the bores on mine were near perfect, they only needed a light hone, and can use stock rings and pistons still. If I bored it I would need all new pistons. I don't want to monkey with that until I'm ready to go 347 stroker.
That never stopped ricers from just running larger rings on their bored out Typ3-R shitmobiles. :yesway:
Had the day off work because of freezing rain/sleet/snow, so got the rest of the studs and guide plates installed, and got the rockers ready for when the push rods get here. Decided to work on my valve covers, these were some aluminum covers I got from eBay, they were powdercoated solid black. I went ahead and ran them across my belt sander to take the finish off the fins, gives it a nice classy look. Here they are sitting in place:

Engine looks ace but good lord man it's time to tidy up your workspace! :eek:
It's not how well you weld, it's how well you grind. :yesway:


- Awful welder
Somehere out there, Xan and his Volvo are proud of you for sticking with these projects. :lol:
1 - 15 of 156 Posts
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