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I can haz BMW?

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Things are moving nicely on the swap. Need to find an oil pan from an older 530I, need an oil pickup fabricated, need a set of headers, and a 3" exhaust fabricated... its a long term project though, and I think budget constraints will show soon, because I need to replace the entire suspension, fabricate a 6 point cage, and replace every rubber part I possibly can...
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Yes indeed, but not worth gutting that 330 for! :scream2:

Adam, you're out of your mind! :lol:
Isn't that the 330 that the entire rear subframe rusted out of?
Shoving newer, more powerful engine into older, lighter, more nimble car = WIN

VW guys have been doing this kind of thing for years, shoving the VR6 motor into older MK2 GTIs:,10af4d3
The coolest part, IMO, about my swap is, it's only been done a couple of times, or at least, posted on the internet about. Most people stick to the older engines, so an M54 is a unique swap. A handful of people have done the S54 from the 02-06 M3, but those are about as rare, and even more complex lol.
What is the difference between the S54 and M54? I am guessing it is not like the 90s M3, where it was all internals.
S54 has 333hp, 3.2l displacement. Its also cast iron with aluminum head I believe. The M54 has 225hp stock, all aluminum, and runs the crank from the older S52, but its only 3.0l displacement. With headers I will be around 245hp. With all bolt ons I can get it really close to 300hp, NA. With an S/C, 410hp is realistic, and beyond with all other bolt ons. The M54 weighs quite a bit less, which will mean an overall lighter car, especially where it matters, over the front wheels.
Like I suspected, a completely different platform. Back in the 90s, the 328 and M3 were the same basic motor, just with different bore/stroke and compression ratios.
^ Jesus, that's insane. I thought the W12 GTI was crazy.
The 01 is now gone :( It really pisses me off to no end that BMW designed the rear subframe mounts so poorly, and basically forced me to have to get rid of one of my favorite cars ever. Words can't even fully describe how pissed I've been about this...
You absolutely got the shaft, dude. If I were you, I'd never buy another BMW ever again. :noway:
There is only one good BMW, the M1, which was never sold in the US anyway.
I bet they make a video game with it for the Atari.
This thread is awesome. :yesway:
1 - 8 of 156 Posts
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