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I can haz BMW?

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Things are moving nicely on the swap. Need to find an oil pan from an older 530I, need an oil pickup fabricated, need a set of headers, and a 3" exhaust fabricated... its a long term project though, and I think budget constraints will show soon, because I need to replace the entire suspension, fabricate a 6 point cage, and replace every rubber part I possibly can...
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Get an Ascari. Carbon Fibre doesn't rust! :D
Great idea! I'll just, um, make a couple hundred thousand sperm donations to scrap together the £235,000 sticker price! :woohoo:
That's the first time anyone here has used the £ sign and not called it "tht funny L thingy"

Real men drive real transmissions.
Stitch! I feel like its been forever since I've questioned your sexuality. Where the fuck have you been??!
Under fluroescent lights, cursing binomial expansion theorum and p≠np problems.

Exams man, who the fuck invented them?!
1 - 4 of 156 Posts
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