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Thank you VERY fucking much Mike! :metal:

Picstory to come, but here's the result of ol 'Sherm spending an extremely hung over morning and afternoon working on my guitars for me. You won't find a more gracious host than Mike and his wife, and believe me when I tell you, we drank a LOT last night. :lol:

I appreciate the hell out of this man. :yesway:

Here we have my RG2027 (Blackouts blissfully removed and replaced with Blazes), Blackie (with DActivators) and my EX (completely wired up with Lace Sensors). All three have perfect Shermanized setups (Sorry Drew, I know you get jealous..) and fresh new Elixir 10-48s with 62's on the sevens.

All three sound fucking outrageous through the Roadster, and if anyone cares to go trash picking, there's a set of Blackouts in Mike's trash under a few empty bottles of scotch and tequila. :lol: The EX still needs knobs, and I have to put the truss cover back on the Sherman, but I just got home and am super friggin' excited.


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Nothing like Sherman setups. And Sherman hospitality.

...and Sherman hangovers :lol:

Love the creme pickups in Blackie though.

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So, you hang on to a pair of cheap sunglasses that are missing a lens long enough to send them to Donnie, but a $180 set of pickups gets thrown away outright? :lol: I'd have given you $20, or traded you for a sweet gold Digitech 2101. :D
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