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Hi all,
This is my first post in this forum.
I made a tremolo system out of tonewood (oak... well it isn't really) when I DIYed a guitar during a lockdown in 2020.

It looks like a prooman's Kiessel or Steinberger, but it does more: it is a travel guitar to be disassembled into 3 pieces to fit in your backpack, and re-assembled in 2 minutes.

It's got no fancy bespoke parts with regular inline ST machine heads, but excels in trouble shooting on the go, as the parts are accessible at the vast majority if not all of the music stores. And if any innovative tech should be made available for the traditional machine heads, then it can be retrofit. Yet it plays like a regular sized electric guitar.

It is already small enough as assembled, and fits in a baritone ukulele gigbag. The disassembled body fits in a 15" notebook sleeve. It barely fits in the carryon luggage regulations of the most of the LCCs.

I have been asking around about opinions in many fora like this one, but so far so nothing fed back.

It was a tough time and even hand tools weren't so accessible (esp. I have been touring around Europe with a suitcase), but luckily I had a backyard so I built this cat out of a donor Stagg ST that I found on a local craigslist. I have played a few concerts with it already, and been on media every month, as I properly look like a weirdo on the street busking with it.

The second and current iteration looks like this:
Musical instrument Guitar String instrument Musical instrument accessory String instrument accessory

Now it's patent pending (US63/265,783) finally, but my mind is moving ahead for the next design.

For details, please kindly visit

Where should I go next (besides hell... been there already)?

Thank you in advance for your opinions.

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