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But I guess I can't really complain... the Belkin Wireless N network adapter I got was new for like $8.00.

So I go to install it, and it uses it's own network configuration (like most all of them do) in addition to the Windows one.

After I get everything set up I open the network config utility that came with this particular card and... Nothing. I mean no networks, and any changes I try to make don't work in the least, I can't save or cancel out of anything, and I can't even open the "Advanced Options" tab after hitting it 2000 times.

So I just say fuck it and use the Windows utility. Everything is working fine, but I just have this nagging in the back of my head like "try to use the Belkin utility..." so I un-installed, re-installed, and did a bunch of other stuff to no avail.

I broke down and called tech support and got someone who doesn't speak English very well. He informs me that the Belkin utility doesn't work if I'm using the Windows one, to which I reply I'm well aware of. I told him I tried to turn off the Windows utility, and the Belkin one still doesn't work. He asked me how I turned it off, and I really just wanted to say "The same way I've done it for 30 some odd other computers that I've installed other network adapters on" but I could tell he really was only interested in getting me off the phone because he kept trying to give me the Ref: # for my case.

So I get off the phone, and I'm still a little perturbed (I don't know why, but I just usually prefer using the utility that is packaged with a specific adapter).

What do I do? I call back to see if I can get someone a little smarter, which turns out to clearly not be the case.

They couldn't find my info in the system from the previous call (big surprise) and so I explain my problem once again, that the Belkin Network Utility is a big piece of shit that doesn't work.

So he puts me on hold and then comes back and says something like "We have determined that since your card is working with the Windows utility, it seems to be working properly, and no further assistance is needed. Have a nice day!".

Awesome man, thanks for your time. I guess I can't really complain, this piece of shit was only $8.
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