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Working 9hrs/day
Practicing/Playing 9hrs/day
Sex with wife (fron 0.1 to 1 hrs/day)
Sleeping around 5hrs/day
Dayoffs: none


Dudes, Since I start working here A&T Trade - my life is chaged. It's distributor company and we have exclusive distribution for Ibanez in Ukraine, and I am Ibanez brand-manager. So it's fucking awesome but this work eating all my time. But in a meantime I have time for practicing/playing/teaching and watching you fuckers here :wub: but yeah, not posting too much. Hope all of you is great :)

Next year I'll travel a lot, and hope there will beI-net connection on a road, and I'll be able to post a shitload of posts :metal:
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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