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So it's actually just the neck. It looks more like a Jackson than an Ibanez. There is no handel damn it. :lol:
Yeah, the Engrish in that listing is mind melting.

IBANEZ LOOKING SHARK NECK by LAWSON guitar co. ! This is a GREAT flamed maple NECK , with THICK slab rosewood board,,, reverse headstock and NICE TUNERS, straight as an ARROW NECK, locking nut base , gold decal with black headstock ALL MINT ! perfect nickel frets ,, 1 5/8th @ the nut ,, 2 1/8th @ the heal ,, the LOADED body is on another auction , and has IBANEZ HANDEL ,, very good , nice quality ,,, winner will be pleased ! ~ feels like a JACKSON neck ,, fills your hand issue free
Wow. Mind-blowing. So, where's the Ibanez part of it? :ugh: :lol:
lol for only 95 cents someone should bid on it.
^ Arrrg, I had a link to "Messiah" ready to fucking post... :lol:
Here's the body...with the awesome HANDEL

And woah!!!!!!.....he also has.......... HANDELS!!!!!
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Carpeted walls? :ugh:
It's too bad, the rosewood grain doesn't actually look half bad.
7 screw holes in that :rofl:
Aim is, apparently, optional. :lol:
Aim is, apparently, optional. :lol:
:scratch: maybe that is some of that new-fangled modular design i keep hearing about.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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