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Ibanez J Custom RG8270VV Guitar JEM Gibson Fender Japan - eBay (item 220342391120 end time Jan-16-09 23:09:30 PST)

I know this looks bad of me to post this being a very new member of this site, but I think you folks here will appreciate this truly gorgeous instrument more so than the vintage at the Seymour Duncan forum where I usually am. (j/k, mostly good people there)

This J custom was bought from Ibanez rules(first vv listed in used section/thanks Jeremiah for more pics on Rich's site) and is in very good shape, still lots of fret life and all the cosmo hardware is in top shape.

He's only selling this to help fund a down payment for a house.

...and because he's not worthy:bowdown:

for more information you can email him directly here: [email protected]

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