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Ibanez RT650 in Great Condition

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I don't really want to sell this, but I have too many guitars, and I want to pare down my collection before I move.

This is an Ibanez RT650 in really good condition. It plays great, sounds great, and looks great. It has that biting tone you can only get from alder. Very much a superstrat. It's got the original V7/S2/V8 pickup combo, with a coil tap in the tone knob. It has a two-point trem with Gotoh Magnum locking tuners, but doesn't come with the whammy bar, unfortunately. It's got the usual few nicks and dings you'd expect from a nearly 20-year old guitar, but nothing major. If you want extra pics just let me know. Oh, it also comes with a durable gig bag. Despite the cheesy "Ibanez... What Dreams are Made Of" imprint, it's got to be the sturdiest, plushest gig bag I've ever seen. It's thick canvas with the same sort of plush lining you find in hard cases.

The pics I've posted mostly speak for themselves, but there are a few issues to describe. The person I got it from kept it in a pretty dry environment, so when I got it most of the frets were loose. I had my tech re-seat and glue each of them, then do a fret level and dress. The frets are great now, with no buzzing at my preferred action (1.9mm on high E at fret 24, 2.2mm on low E). As you can see on the service ticket, he pointed out that the skunk stripe was starting to lift. He told me it seemed completely stable, but he still capillaried some thin super glue in the seams where it was lifting. I don't think it's going anywhere. It was only slightly raised, but it was enough to bother me (perfectionism is a disease!), so I carefully sanded it down to be flush, then applied some lightly tinted poly in the few small spots where I had to sand down to bare wood. You can't tell there was a repair unless you're really looking for it. I then buffed out the whole back of the neck to a silky smooth 1200 grit (or maybe it was 2000 grit?). It's a super fast neck!

$475 plus actual shipping in the US. I'll take payment via PayPal and I'll eat the fees. The only other RT650 I could find on eBay sold for $650 and it had replacement tuners (although it did have the whammy bar).

Oh, I almost forgot to mention: Dibs go to Drew if he's interested.

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Dave at fretsonthenet will make you one. You could always send him the trem to get a perfect fit
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