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I'm a noob @ replacement bass pups

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I recently bought a Brice 5 string (Alder w/fm top). I'm finding this bass to be pretty weak so I'm thinking of getting new pickups next.. They're active too and fresh battery doesn't make a difference.

So I first scoured musiciansfriend, some local store sites and googling. There doesn't seem to be many options for a 5 string bassist, or am I not finding the right place yet?
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If you're looking for punchy bass. Look at SD' Blackouts for bass. They make a 5 string version that I guess is their answer to EMG's 40DC. Which has been the active standard for quite some time. I tried one out recently and was very impressed. Although I wish I could've spent more time with it.

Or, if you want a passive soapbar, SD does now offer the pickup that were exclusively available on Fedora basses. They're called the "Phase II NYC Soapbar". AWESOME pickup.

Drop in their STC-2 circuit, especially if you're going with their NYC's. And that bass will be able to pillage small villages.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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