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I'm a noob @ replacement bass pups

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I recently bought a Brice 5 string (Alder w/fm top). I'm finding this bass to be pretty weak so I'm thinking of getting new pickups next.. They're active too and fresh battery doesn't make a difference.

So I first scoured musiciansfriend, some local store sites and googling. There doesn't seem to be many options for a 5 string bassist, or am I not finding the right place yet?
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What are the dimensions of the pickups? Do they match the EMG 5-string soapbars?

The EMG-HZ passive soapbars and basic EMG 2-band EQ in my Schecter C-4 Elite sound absolutely fantastic for all styles of music.

Bartolinis are a little warmer, but you can get them in a similar form factor, and Duncan Basslines makes 5-string soapbars IIRC, as well as Blackout bass pickups.

My personal vote would be for the EMG-HZs with a 2-band EQ (the bass HZs rock, surprisingly.)
Good point Stitch!

What is "weak" about it? Not enough bass? Lacking punch? Lacking mid "cut"? If the EQ and pickups are at all decent, you should be able to get a workable tone out of them by playing with pickup position and the EQ.
Most bass pickup tonality differences come from the pickup's position along the strings rather than different windings, although EMG does make a few different active 5-string soapbars. There was a P and J active pair in soapbar casings in my Schecter Cali Custom 5.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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