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Stuff on the MySpace sounds great! (as usual :metal:)

So is Season's End all done? Or is this a side project?
Seasons end is recording the album

Drums, guitars and bass are all done and is sounding pretty awesome actaully! got synths and keys to do then vocals. getting it all mixed and masterd with Dragonforces producer :lol: his studio is where we recorded the drums too.

cus we are doing it ourselfs we keep the rights to our songs and dont get into any contracts etc but it means it takes alot longer. and we all have jobs to contend with which slows it down too but deff getting there

you'l be getting a PM from me for your address for your free copy when its done mate :yesway:

As for Tempus Fusion, ya its aside project. been doing it for years and years and decided to try and make it into a band which has taken 2 years to finally start happening just cus of finding singers and drummer(s).
my area is dry for good players who are into this stuff sadly
but the wait is finally over and we start rehersals soon. then shows. then the sky is the limit etc

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Holy shit, dude, you've been gone so long that we released an album. :lol:

Still no word on Drew...
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