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We have discussed V30 clones and wannabes before and just to catch everyone up on what I have said before:

-I love V30s. They're what I consider to be ideal. They are THE guitar speaker.
-In discussions about clones I've mentioned that the Eminence governor is absolutely awful. I had 4 of them here in my lab . It generates fizz noise at all times that isn't even coming from the amp. You can turn all the treble off of the amp and just give the speaker some power and it generates the tone on its own. It also sounds absolutely nothing like a V30. It's absolutely stiff and sterile in the highs, grating in the midrange and lacking in the lows.

The PSA: The veteran 30 is the droid you're looking for so far as matching the tone.

Tested in a 1x12 slant that matches the volume(cubic inches) found in exactly one half of a mesa 2x12.

-The only thing I'm inconclusive on is how much high gain power I can pump in before it breaks up. I was getting some farts way before I would expect occurring on palm mutes, but I was pumping a 6505+ into an oddball shaped 1x12 that could have been gasping for airspace. It happened at surpisingly low volume. Just because it is exactly one half the volume of a regular 2x12 doesn't make it optimum for one speaker to operate in necessarily so testing a 2x12 setup is necessary to arrive at a conclusion.
-The clean channel had much more headroom and was really delivering out of the tiny cab. Great smooth tone.
-I won't describe the tone, because it REALLY IS A CLOSE COPY. It sounds slightly different, but I can't really convey that with words since I would still describe them both the same. The only clear difference is that the Warehouse is smoother in the highs. It's a bit more controlled or rolled off, but not anything you want is rolled off, just the junk. It's just cleaned up a bit. Their claim that they are superior could be true and I intend to find out.
-Either these are broken in at the factory or the materials they use are much more flexible from the get go compared to CHINAlestion V30s, which must be abused for quite some time before they break in and sound normal.

Once I test two of these in a 2x12 I will really be able to see whether these can be recommended or not. Once again my only concern whatsoever is the high gain headroom, but feel like this test wasn't fair. Only one was purchased because it was a gamble and the waters needed to be tested by dipping a toe in. If the early breakup was the speaker, then it's a definitely a deal breaker, if not, these are awesome.

I will update when I can test two in a 2x12 and can confirm or deny these as a viable replacement for v30s or even possibly an improvement.

12" Veteran 30 - 60 watts | Warehouse Guitar Speakers
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