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I'm researching the notion of refinishing my flying V - not today or tomorrow, but when I have the disposable funds and the urge becomes irresistible.

I haven't chosen a color or a scheme yet, but I thought I'd talk technical stuff with you guys. I'm more comfortable now, stripping hardware down and reinstalling it but I know nothing of paint.

Because I like the neck so much, my thought is masking above the neck/body joint and just below the headstock, sanding that down and having it shot with something light so it isn't sticky - a bare wood look. The rest of the guitar would be painted one color except the headstock face which would remain the flat black it is currently.

So - anyone with experience in paint, etc., or doing your own work, I'd appreciate any advice - even if it's "leave it the fuck alone." Nitro? Poly?

Bear in mind, please, that I will likely take it to a professional to have the paint done. I have nowhere to work on something like that and, as mentioned, no experience.

Truss rod cover, pickguard, and hardware may go black... again, just thinking out loud. I love the pickups in it right now, so they're staying.

EDIT: And thinking about it, it's likely most of my reason is that I'd like to refinish a guitar... mod something with color...
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