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Now back to getting my taxes done....

Joking aside something else coming up in this conversation about DEP I gotta comment on: noticing alot about the band being 'contrived' or overly planned regarding their execution of smashing stuff and what not. I did some poking around and apparently they have had lawsuits thrown at them as a result of their destructive behavior.

If you were really or 100% contrived in this situation, wouldn't you plan your stunt so it wouldn't bring a lawsuit? Unless DEP are like really bad at contriving? Or like lawsuits?

I mean at this point I'm either left to believe they are the worst planners of all time and thus the worst contriving band in the history of bands. Or really want lawsuits.
I'm leaning on a group of idiotic children more than anything. Just a group of people that hadn't grown up yet.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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