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I am getting back into guitar after a 20 year hiatus. As a teenager I learned iron man by Ozzy and called it good. 20 years later I’m realizing I should have kept with it as I have a real passion for playing.

I use a 70s Kramer. I blocked the tremolo on both sides as it drives me nuts and I never use the whammy bar. I am currently rocking Elixir polyweb 10/46 strings and using a Spark 40 smart amp. I use a Roadie 3 tuner.

I am hoping to get some recommendations for easy-to-learn metal songs to get into. I listen to just about everything but some artists I’m interested in learning are; foo fighters, Marilyn Manson, Rob zombie, slayer, behemoth, and buckcherry. I really like the crunchy amp settings and heavy tones - any recommendations on songs, gear, otherwise are welcome.
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