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Hello everyone, I'm a new member of this forum, hope you are having a good day.

About me:
I discovered music at a late age, I first started listening to music at age 14 and it was thanks to a videogame. At the beginning I started listening to mainstream metal bands from the 70s and 80s, like Metallica, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Anthrax and Black Sabbath. I quickly became passionate with music. I bought an electric guitar a year after discovering music and started playing for the first time in my life. I started taking classes and I practiced only a little. Around this time I discovered that you can get a bachelors degree in music. I quickly decided that I wanted to get that degree and make music my career. My decision recieved strong negative feedback from all the people that surrounded me. The opinion of the people who were closest to me naturally had a stronger value. Because of social pressure I chose to pursuit a different degree and career even though it wasn't what I really wanted.
This created a void in me which, to this day, has been impossible to fill and aches almost everyday.
When I turned 17 I started practicing 4 hours per day, since I still wanted to become a musician. I didn't know anything about music and also not a single person who was close to me knew about music, not even the basics, so even though I used to practice for hours, I achievedvery little results. My teacher (which I saw once a week) told me I wasn't playing like someone who practices for so much time. I really needed someone to guide, to teach me how to practice correctly. I only had a short weekly class; this turned out to not be enough. What I needed was someone close who is like current me, who knows how to practice correctly, and who could be available for more time than a short weekly session. Anyways, back to the story. So I kept practicing electric guitar for 4 hours per week until age 19. I was studying a bachelors degree in engineering at that time, so I rarely had the energy or time to practice more. At age 19 I stopped playing electric guitar and metal and started practicing classical guitar and classical music. I also started studying music theory, solfege and started aural training. I did this changes because I still wanted to pursuit a degree in music, and the music schooI wanted to attend had admission tests. I applied at age 20 for the music school and got rejected; I passed the guitar and theory tests, but I failed the solfege test. Next year, at age 21, I managed to pass all the tests. This music school belongs to the highest tier music institue from the country I live in, and rejects many students, so I was very happy that I managed to join. The school is one of the best music school from the whole country.
Also, when I turned 21, I recieved my bachelors degree in engineering. Luckily for me, my parents decided to support me financially, so I could dedicate all my time to studying music. I studied four years at that school and dropped out from it at age 25; the reason of this was, once again, social pressure. I decided to completely give up on music thinking it simply was not meant to be - no, not for me. The void this decision created was impossible to fill. Three years later, when I was 28, I gave up on trying to fill that void and decided to start pursuing a music career again even though I am currently an engineer. It's harder now, since now I have a job. It will get even harder since I plan to form a family in the future. I want to delay forming a family and getting into a romantic relationship as much as possible, to have a chance at music. Perhaps when I form a family I will have to finally stop pursuing a music career. At least I'll be able to continue once I'm retired :).
Currently it's 2022, I'm 28 years old and started playing and studying music once again in September of this year. My goal is once again to have a career in music. Currently my main instrument is once again the electric guitar and I'm also playing metal once again; it's been 9 years since I abandoned metal and the electric guitar for the classical guitar and classical music. The years I studied in the music college helped me tremondously and now I practice very efficiently and progress very quickly. I want to start my online music career next year by uploading covers of songs in YouTube. I don't know anything about recording, so I hope people here can guide me. I have good aural skills, so I'll think I'll do well when manipulating the recorded music.
I'm still interested in the classical guitar and classical music but will put it on a hiatus for now, to focus on the electric guitar and metal.

So here I am practicing and studying music once again, hoping that one day I finally manage to fill the void I've been feeling since more than a decade ago.
If i could choose again, I would have chose what I wanted to do, despite the social pressure.

Other things about me:
-I've been good at math since I was a toddler.

-I have a master's degree in IT.

-I like reading

-I'm a little antisocial.

-I like fitness, but I've been sacrificing it for years to focus on music. Currently I do powerlifting and will start jogging once again this week. This time I'll try to permanently stick to 3 sessions of about 1 hour of fitness per week, even though this means my music performance will decrease. I think it's worth it, since I enjoy it and, most importantly, it keeps me healthy.
My fitness personal records for powerlifting is Deadlift 300 pounds for 9 reps, Squat 280 pounds for 9 reps, Bench Press 202.5 pounds for 9 reps. My personal records for jogging is 10k in 55 minutes and for distance it is half a marathon.
My long term goals for fitness is to join the 1,000 pounds club (This is achieving 1000 pounds in total when you sum your one repetition maximum for Deadlift, Squat and Bench Press) and to run a full Marathon.
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