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Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier

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Check out the new video :holy:

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I can't say I'm loving the new album. I really want to like it and it has it's moments where I do, but I feel it's lacking something. Oh and fuck Yanick.
It's the excessive repetition that bothers me about recent Maiden albums, even Brave New World to a degree. It feels like most of their eight-minute songs could be easily cut down to four minutes without losing anything. I agree that the producer and his "extra set of ears" should be the one giving advice along those lines.

I would rather listen to a 40-minute Maiden album that kills rather than an 80-minute album with too much padding.

Also the production is lacking IMO. Not to say Maiden ever really had the greatest sounding albums, but it just doesn't sound like a lot of time was put into getting guitar tones on this one. I thought Seventh Son of a Seventh Son was one of their better sounding albums they ever did from a production standpoint. I blame Yanick.
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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