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First off, these comparisons are kind of silly when the IR isn't normalized across all modelers.

With that said, the POD does hold up surprisingly well. However, the old POD had very unrealistic high-end because they just didn't have enough processing horsepower to upsample and avoid aliasing. So it's basically got this constant low-pass filter sort of thing going on. That's basically what makes it sound "warmer" than Amplfiier in this video. This wasn't so much a problem when you were sitting and listening to it by itself. But it would get super buried in a mix in many scenarios.

Yes, the Amplifier sounds harsher because it has way mode mids and high-mids than the POD. But it also sounded more realistic. Those tones would sit in a mix quite nicely actually.

The Kemper did sound the best on the higher gain models especially.
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