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I have listened now.

As a Kemper user, I should be biased, but here's my thouhts:

The POD sounds better than I would expect.
The Amplifire sounds pretty good especially the AC30 version
The Kemper sounds... Kemper... Which I dont like :(

There's a sort of "cocked wah" sound going on in all overdriven or distorted Kemper profiles in the video, and goddamnit do I hear it in my own KEmper!

There's threads about it in the Kemper forum too, people complaining about it, and getting replies from peope who says stuff like "well you can just EQ it out" or other useless tips.

So yeah, while I like my Kemper I cannot for my life say its perfect. Wont get rid of it tho. It's very convinent and I'm sure it will be a blast to play with live, but I'm not so sure about using it for recordings much more.
I've actually started using BIAS amp more, and with that I dont only mean the tone matching but also a couple of the built in non-matched tones are pretty good.
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