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I was having a drummer come over to jam today, so last night i got some new strings for the 7 and got the board all lubed up and ready to go.
worked mint last night through my hd500.

Today, through my amp, it's dead. WTF.
try a different cable, still dead.
different 6 string guitar, orig cable, works mint.
plug 7 into hd500, works mint.


it only doesn't work through my amp. Through the effects processor, its fine.
I jiggeled and jaggeled a bunch on no cracking/etc made it work.

Is this even possible, that an amp is more picky about what signals it plays?

I don't even know what to fix at this point.

I ended up playing to 6 today and had fun. good dude who's new in town and is pretty good with the double bass too. But couldn't Djent :( lol
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