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Hey guys,
Im selling this Made In Japan Jackson RR24M which has less than an hour of playtime on it and is basically brand new. Still has that new guitar smell and not even so much as a pick swirl on it and still has the tag on the headstock! New guitars at Guitar Center are older than this haha! The only thing i changed was switch it to drop C tuning, but it is currently set up for standard with super low action!

Its an awesome sounding guitar, and is actually very djenty thanks to its alder body and emg 81 pickup!
It has 24 Frets on a beautiful maple fretboard and an original Floyd Rose bridge.
Its black with white bevels and looks absolutely stunning!
These go for $1099 new everywhere, get it from me for $800 OBO! (Sorry not interested in trades at the moment!) Save 300 dollars on the same guitar you would get from a store (and possibly newer!)
This also comes with one of the coolest looking hardshell SKB cases i have ever seen, and even has a TSA lock on it so you can safely travel with it!

Id prefer to keep this local in the DC/MD/VA area and im willing to drive a reasonable distance to meet up and do the transaction in person but if you want this shipped you will have to cover those charges.

PM and/or respond here if you are interested! Dont like the price for some reason? Send me a reasonable offer and ill consider it!


Here are pics:

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