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Jackson SLAT3-7 vs Ibanez RG1527Z-BK

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Has anyone had a chance with either of these new axes yet? I'm considering one, but can't find anyone with stock to check em out.

I just got done recording all my guide tracks with my RG7321. Great axe, but looking for something proper to record the real tracks with.
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I like the sound and feel of the EZ on the guitars I've tried :shrug:
Agreed. Edge Zero is a great trem. if you dont care about the sustain block, the Zero Point series are the best ibby trems, IMO.

That said, i hate basswood. Get the SLAT
I think you're missing the point man.
You don't put on a record to listen to the guitar tone.

Take it into perspective man. It's not about the guitars, the bass, or the drums.
It's about how every element comes together.
There is no such thing as a good guitar tone in a mix, a good bass tone or a good drum sound.
If you ever have the chance to solo a track on a mix, it sounds like shit.
A good sounding guitar tone on it's own will not fit in a mix, period.
You have to make some compromise.
Yes, once you high pass that bottom end out from the guitar, multi band compress the lower mids and scoop out some of the core mids to make way for the bass guitar the guitar wont sound good at all on it's own.
But when it comes together in the mix, BAM, it kicks major fucking ass.
Listen to bass guitar track solo'd. Truth is, there isn't a lot of actual bass in the bass guitar. There is only just enough to fill out a bit of the bottom end and not much more because there needs to be space for the kick drum as well.
Alone, a kick drum on it's own sounds really weak and shitty. But in a mix it provides a certain snap and attack with it's upper end attack and provides the low end with good cohesion and fills out of the space in the sub bass and mid bass that the guitars , or the vocals or the snare just can't fill up.
Sit down with any album you think has "good guitar tone" but then listen to how it sounds in the mix.
Chances are you'll realize the guitars actually don't sound any good at all when all you listen to the guitars, because the guitar tracks were designed in mind to sound good only taken in proper perspective with the full mix.

It's unfortunate that guitarists spend so much time trying to get the holy grail of guitar tone, so focused on their guitar tone, when instead it's time just better spent understanding what specific frequencies do and how they relate to other elements of a mix.
You're kinda trying to tell us what we already know about how mixes work. The fact of the matter is, that at the end of the day, the guitars do sound a certain way in the mix. Your pickups and amps are going to affect that significantly, no matter how many filters you apply.
1 - 2 of 42 Posts
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