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Jackson SLAT3-7 vs Ibanez RG1527Z-BK

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Has anyone had a chance with either of these new axes yet? I'm considering one, but can't find anyone with stock to check em out.

I just got done recording all my guide tracks with my RG7321. Great axe, but looking for something proper to record the real tracks with.
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Don't take this the wrong way, but that probably has rather a lot to do with your use of EMGs. ;)
I don't even own any guitars with EMGs bro :lol:
My Blue RG1527 is fitted with a Blaze Bridge and neck and my cherry fudge 7421 has Blackouts:metal:
The amount of gain I use these days is modern day Petrucci levels.
Ironic thing is I don't even like any of the new Dream Theater records at all, I only really like Images and Words and Awake and parts of SFAM :lol:
But I just like that extra compression on palm mutes.
Sometimes I will back off the gain a bit more when I'm fucking around with some Satch tunes though
Shit, it was such a nice theory. :lol:

I :wub: the Blaze bridge - that thing just sings on, well, what you would probably consider "lower" gain settings, and has this great chunkiness when dialed in right.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts
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