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2010 LA Amp Fest, Saturday December 11th -

Videos are fun watching. Cool stuff too, I liked his high-gain and humbucker shootouts. The best part is this uses similar mic setups and cabs as the previous high-gain shootout so it should still be possible to compare them.

Dream Crusher
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In other news, I have severe Reeves and Vox GAS now.


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There's a livestream going right now on the ustream site. It's not showing anything interesting, but holy shit is that room packed with amps.

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Red Plate Amps Blackverb
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Marshall Club And Country (early 80's)
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Diezel Herbert
Holy Shit. :lol:

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I knew it! He bought the Reeves :lol:

Also, some outtake videos:


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...and the tones are up! Here it is, hundreds of thousands of dollars in amps, all compared to each other!

Mid Gain Central:

Classic Tone:

The Mod Squad:

And last (and probably the most relevant here):


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I was drooling over those Friedman amps (especially the Naked)....then I looked up the price. :( :lol:
The Friedman-modded Jet City JCA20s are pretty reasonable when it comes down to it.

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I can honestly say for High gain I loved the way the splawns sounded, both the QR and the Nitro, makes me think once I get my QR back i am going to have to play with it more on sounds.

The recto's of course needed a boost and they sounded kinda weak without one, but I know what they can sound like with one which is total bliss.

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Geezus, considering the hype surrounding this, that was quite underwhelming for the high gain portion of it
Just sounded like primarily rock guitarists who occasionally dabble in metal player, rather than guys that actually understand metal guitar.
That's the thing about guys that primarily play metal, they tend to usually understand rock guitar too, but quite often guys that mainly play rock just don't know how to do metal well.

Also, unboosted Recto FTL. Tubby palm mutes, not enough compression leads and just lacking in balls.
Dual/Triple Rectos/Roadsters/Roadkings are all damn amazing amps, but you're definitely not getting the most out of them for high gain sounds unless you've got that Tube Screamer action happening.

Mid gain stuff was better, because the playing seemed more in their element

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These guys are "metal" players in the sense that they play '80s-style metal dude. The "Mod Squad" is where most of them are really "home."

Remember, there's more to "metal" than GRRRNT-BZZZZ-GRRRNT-DJENT :D

RG 7 player of doom
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Well seeing as how I listen to metal from every decade and enjoy plenty of 80s metal, that wasn't my big problem with it.
What bothered me most was the fact it just didn't come across as a very professional shootout at all.
Sounded like guys that hadn't play guitar in a few weeks just piss farting around on whatever metal riffs came to mind, when it would have been a much better basis for comparison had they organized something more orderly than that.

When I think James Lugo, I'm thinking of tones that only guys like him with heaps of experience can capture. Ultimately, it's about feel, knowledge, skill and having an ear first and foremost, then comes the gear. James has all five of those.
Tones with very minimal crap in the high end, no tubbyness/woolyness in the lower mids, very controlled bass and a generally fairly even and nice sounding mid range. Stuff that slots straight into the mix with minimal EQ work and compression.
A lot of the tones on the video of the high gain section sound anything but that. A lot of tubbyness, fizzyness and not enough balls.
Honestly just really expected a lot better considering the name behind the shootout :shrug:

There are clips out there that are much more representative of how truly great Lugo is at capturing fantastic tones fortunately.
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