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Jemfest with Vai!

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Hey folks!

Jemfest X, our 10th anniversary, is happening June 18-19, 2010.

Artists this year include
- Rob Balducci
- Mike Martin
- Tony Smotherman
- Featured On Fridays
- Fernando Pareta
- Angel Vivaldi
- Shane Regal
- Shelby Williford
A truck-load of raffle items (including a JEM *and* a Universe from Ibanez!), door prizes, tons of rare guitars on display, t-shirts, and a bunch of great people who all love guitar-based music.
More info: JEMFEST.COM

In addition to the insane talent over the two nights of Jemfest X, we aligned stars and planets (by using The Force, of course) to get Steve Vai to join us this year!
Steve is offering his Alien Guitar Secrets master class on Sat. afternoon!
Here's a little promo Vai did for the event:
Tickets are still available, but they are going FAST.
This one is MUCH more intimate than the other AGS master classes, so get your ticket early.
More info: Steve Vai: Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclass 2008

Steve will be giving a "key note" speech as well!
No- I don't know what he's going to say or talk about. The whole 'key' and 'note' part just kills me considering who's doing the talking. :D
Jemfest is also doing a tribute to our long-time friend, Paul Specht. Paul was Jemfest's link with Ibanez since day one, and did everything in his power to help us make Jemfest great. EVERY Jemfest attendee will be asked to sign a JEM guitar that will be given to Paul's son after the event.

Jemfest X also features a LIVE WEBCAST! Each night, from the artists first note to their last, we will roll the webcam so those that aren't able to make it to the event can enjoy it via their computer.
Sorry, but Vai's AGS master class will NOT be part of any webcast. You want do that that in person anyway. :)

Getting to Jemfest is a piece of cake.
Flights are cheap and easy, from almost anywhere in the country. Check Orbitz, Expeida, and to score great deals.
Hotel rooms are $89/night if you mention the group code when booking. Split that with a buddy and save a few bucks. (or share a twin bed like Chris and Drew and save even more! :) )
The hotel room jams after the shows each night are some of the most fun you can have with clothes on!

8 incredible artists FOR FREE, and Vai's AGS master class....all in the same place, over the same weekend.
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