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Jet City Soldano?

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Anyone tried these out. I think i've checked the website out before, but until my latest AMS catalog got here, I had no idea they were made by Soldano, or designed by Soldano. The 100 Watt model boasts the SLO gain circut on the overdrive channel, and its going for $800

Then they've got a 20 Watt version for $333
that apparently has 2 EL34s, and 3 12ax7s.

They've also got a little 5 watt head designed by Marshall/THD

Jet City Amplification - Welcome to Jet City

I might have to find a dealer and check em out, especially the one with the SLO circut. I've always loved the sound of a Soldano.
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Is there anything that makes these better than the Blackstars with two channels and an effects loop?
Yeah! Tone and dynamics.
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