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Jet City Soldano?

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Anyone tried these out. I think i've checked the website out before, but until my latest AMS catalog got here, I had no idea they were made by Soldano, or designed by Soldano. The 100 Watt model boasts the SLO gain circut on the overdrive channel, and its going for $800

Then they've got a 20 Watt version for $333
that apparently has 2 EL34s, and 3 12ax7s.

They've also got a little 5 watt head designed by Marshall/THD

Jet City Amplification - Welcome to Jet City

I might have to find a dealer and check em out, especially the one with the SLO circut. I've always loved the sound of a Soldano.
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I dig the idea of the PicoValve. Neat little head.
I'm still waiting for the damn ISO cab to ship. I want to see a couple reviews on it, then will probably buy it. It'd help to have true tube tone nice and quiet with a 3 year old and a newborn upstairs.
I'll be curious to see what the price on the iso cab is. If it comes in at around $500 and delivers good sound quality, it will be a clear first choice. The Rivera Silent Sister looks like a great design, but it's $1,000.

I'm happy with my Grendel, and it's a damned shame that the company turned out to be a borderline scam operation.
$399 with a 16ohm speaker, which I'll unfortunately have to rip out and put something else in. They won't be offering it with an 8ohm. Doug @ Jet City said they were mulling the idea of a speakerless, USB-less cab for $299. Just the cabinet + connectors, sans the USB interface.
That's a great price if it's a good design!

Replacing the speaker isn't such a big deal anyways... the custom Eminences they use in their speaker cabs aren't anything to write home about.
Yeah, it's not that big a deal, I guess. I'd prefer a Mesa C90 in there anyway. For $525 or so total price, it's still a good deal.

That would make a lot of sense. Everyone has their individual preferences in speakers. One good thing Grendel did was to use a plug-in system for their speaker connection, so you don't have to break out the soldering iron in order to change speakers.

I can't understand why Jet City would use a 16-ohm speaker, since 8 ohm is kind of the standard for a 1x12.

That's a great price, either way.
The JCA20 seems to be 16ohm-centric for some reason. Doug from Jet City told me it would be very easy to swap speakers, which leads me to believe it uses something similar to your Grendel.

The cabinet is designed by Eminence, btw. That doesn't necessarily mean it's a 100% surefire hit, but it's a good sign. One would hope they know what they're doing.
That impedance is not odd at all for British amplifiers. Marshall cabs have been 16ohm for years.
Oh is it? Didn't know that, haven't owned any Brit amps, just Peaveys (selectable) or Mesa. I wish they made the 20 selectable, because it makes it a pain if you've got one amp that's 8, and one that's 16.

It has 8 and 16 ohm outs, as near as I can tell... me stupid then. I don't know how I missed that before. Sweet!
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