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Jet City Soldano?

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Anyone tried these out. I think i've checked the website out before, but until my latest AMS catalog got here, I had no idea they were made by Soldano, or designed by Soldano. The 100 Watt model boasts the SLO gain circut on the overdrive channel, and its going for $800

Then they've got a 20 Watt version for $333
that apparently has 2 EL34s, and 3 12ax7s.

They've also got a little 5 watt head designed by Marshall/THD

Jet City Amplification - Welcome to Jet City

I might have to find a dealer and check em out, especially the one with the SLO circut. I've always loved the sound of a Soldano.
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It has 8 and 16 ohm outs, as near as I can tell... me stupid then. I don't know how I missed that before. Sweet!
The Vox AC4TV has one 16ohm out only, which is unfortunate. Really limits its versatility.
Remember lads that running a 16ohm cab from an 8ohm outlet is a safe mismatch ;)
Is there anything that makes these better than the Blackstars with two channels and an effects loop?
Is there anything that makes these better than the Blackstars with two channels and an effects loop?
Yeah! Tone and dynamics.
I'm actually torn as to whether or not to snag a JCA20 or an HT-5 when I end up in New York. They're such different animals it's hard to choose, and they both sound FANTASTIC.

JCA20 pros:
-One great sound
-But man, what a sound!
-Better volume knob dynamics
-Great classic voicing
-Loud enough to gig with
-Combo version can fit a real speaker

HT-5 pros:
-FX loop
-Great cleans and excellently voiced drive channel
-More gain available
-Sounds great at a variety of volumes
-Not a bad sound to be had, really
-More versatility
-Readily available used
-Tighter, more 'modern' voicing

JCA Cons
-Sounds best at slightly above 'apartment' levels
-Less tonal variation
-Brand new, so hard to find used
-Larger and heavier

HT-5 Cons
-Needs big or efficient cab to keep up with a loud drummer
-More expensive new
-Slightly more compressed and slightly less dynamic

Both amps are seriously fantastic value for money. The HT-5 is more targeted as a practice/recording amp and has a different feature set, while you could do pub gigs with a mic'd up JCA20 and not be struggling for stage volume. I need to sit down and do a head-to-head with these two amps.
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I'm confident that you could easily do a pub gig with the JCA20 without even being mic'd. The thing is loud as sin. Kept up with friends' Mesa, and Marshall amps.
Unforunately, it's not super versatile. The response to your pick attack is incredible, and it cleans up reasonably well, but it's definitely a one trick pony. If you're wanting it for a tighter metal tone, I'd invest in a nice boost as well.
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