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John Carter (of Mars....)

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I am super pumped for this (Disney movie or no)

Loved all the books.

Disney has really dropped the ball on marketing this but pre screening reviews have been super positive. A lot of people went to pre screenings expecting to hate it but came out blown away.
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Please, please, please, Disney, do NOT fuck up my favorite stories for my nine-year-old self. Initial reviews are positive, though, so, fingers crossed...
From that trailer I can tell you I'm quite sure I'll watch it.....and I'm quite sure I'll be shocked if it doesn't suck. :lol:
Actually, according to what I've been able to find out, it doesn't suck, but it may not be financially successful. :(
SO I went and checked this out this weekend. I give it a :yesway: It wasnt the best movie ever but it was pretty damn enjoyable. My wife, who typically views sci-fi and fantasy movies as meh enjoyed it as well.

Im trying to speak generally but some spoilerish things may slip out

Doesn't really follow A Princess of Mars to a t but it is close enough that I didn't find anything out of place. Well The Tharks have more human eyes in the movie than the bug eyes in the books. (Fucking Disney no doubt) plus various other kid friendly changes (Dejah Thoris wears clothes, Tharks don't find an opposing tribes eggs and break them all - yeah killing unborn children (Even alien ones) just wouldn't fly i guess)

The CGI was very well done tho at times the scale was so large it looked like something shot with miniatures.

The Tharks I enjoyed quite a bit. Sola was done very well and Willam Dafoe was a pretty damn good Tars Tarkas.

Woola is awesome.

As for JC himself I think it would have been better if they had let James Purefoy (played Kantos Kan) play him instead of Kitsch. Kitsch wasnt bad but really he was out performed by Dafoe and Lynn Collins. The parts with Purefoy in them were pretty damn good actually. (I still wish they would release Solomon Kane in the US)

Lynn Collins did a great job as Dejah... and she is HAWT.

I could watch it again. and i hope there is a sequel that is equally as good. (or better)
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