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Just bought a Laney VH100R Head...

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...and now I have some questions. I in no way regret my purchase, I simply am curious about the head and I know next to nothing about them, especially tubed ones!

1.) The fellow I bought it from said that he replaced the stock tubes with 6L6's. I've done some research and found that these tubes are pretty killer. I'm just curious what other people around here use.

2.) How long does a set of tubes last? These ones I have are new, I think they have been in there for something like 3 months??? but I'm unsure because they sound amazing.

3.) I'm running it through an Atlas 4x12 cab with Celestion Vintage 30's for speakers. What does "moving a lot of air" mean?

4.) Any other info about tubes or useful tips, etc. are greatly appreciated.
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1. Tube type is personal preference. I like 6L6's personally, but a lot of guys prefer EL34's.

2. Depends how much you play and how loud you play. For average use expect to change your powertubes every year, but you'll know when they're on their way out.

3. Exactly that. If you've got the volune up and the amp working hard, you'll move a lot of air.

4. Always let the tubes warm up with the amp on standby for a couple of minutes before hitting the play switch, and similarly give them a few minutes on standby to cool off before turning the amp off. NEVER use a tube head without a load (cab or a load box) or you'll blow the output transformer.
Broadly speaking, 6L6's are the "American" sound with generally even response, including deep bass and sparkly highs. EL34's are the "British" sound and will be a little reined in at the extremes, but have a wicked midrange spike that makes them extra creamy/snarly/however your mids are voiced.

Therefore, James is lying and secretly loves EL34's more. :yesway:
Alright. What is a cab/load box?
Alright. What is a cab/load box?
A cab is a speaker cabinet.

A load box is something like the Palmer units, that simulate a speaker cabinet for plugging direct into a mixer, and react like a speaker cabinet from the head's side of things too so it doesn't end up damaged.
Ah, damn, I miss my VH100R :( Fucking stellar amps.

No idea why the last dude put 6L6's in it, that's a bloody travesty mate. I love 6L6's as much as the next man (my Peavey has them) but the Laney just feels and sounds so right with El34's. It's got this mid range roar that cuts through any band mix.

Things I'd say:

1) The cable on the footswitch could be chunkier. Keep an eye on it as mine wore out and started switching things all on it's own during live sets.

2) Make sure the chicken head knobs on the control are tight - they can and will fall off, and you can't get exact replacements!

3) You don't mention but I'll assume that this is the first generation VH100R - the second generation ones had bar handles built into the amp case. 1st Gen have a leather handle on each end. These fail, fall apart. Do not be surprised. :lol:
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Oh, and if it ever seems weirdly quiet and isn't making enough noise, have a look at the back at the FX Mix control - some nunce turned mine off and I thought I'd blown a transformer as it was making NO noise! :lol:

Laney VH100R + RGA121, you have excellent taste sir.
Ah, I'll look into the load box thing. As far as taste, I thank you Stitch.
And it is a 1st gen with the handles. They're pretty solid though. Is there and sort of modding I should do to the casing so that I can prevent the head from falling when I pick it up?
I used chain from B&Q and a shitload of racetape. :lol:
I sort of figured that chain or sturdy metal bars either welded or screwed to the top would be effective. I guess we will see if this needs to happen.
So basically a load box will change the level of the output as not to affect the sound quality, but make it so that the amp will be able to sound great at a low volume?
So basically a load box will change the level of the output as not to affect the sound quality, but make it so that the amp will be able to sound great at a low volume?
no, the load box is if you dont plug it into a speaker cabinet. basically you have to have some sort of speaker or a substitute (load box) if your recording direct from your head. If you have speakers plugged into it like normal, you dont need a load box, if you have speakers plugged in you can still record direct too, but if you dont have speakers plugged in, THEN you'll need a load box. if you turn it on with out one of the 2 plugged in, it will overload the amp and make it explode and light the house on fire

What you were refering to was a hot plate. It basically lets you get the the power tubes cranking high, but you dont have to have the speakers spit out all the extra volume like you described
That is super helpful. Thank you.
I have this head, and i love it. Only issue is that if you have the gain high enough you get shit loads of noise and feedback. So all you need is a good enough noise gate and youll be fine
Ah, damn, I miss my VH100R :( Fucking stellar amps.
Sorry, but after all the shit you gave me over Laney amps on back in the day(and yes I know he won't see this until he's back):

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Anyways, down the road I'd load that bitch with KT77s, best of both worlds, IMO.
KT77's are awesome if your amp can take 6L6 or EL34's.
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