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Keywurl: Search from Safari's address bar

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This is ace. :yesway:

Edit for people who like to point out the obvious:

"Fellow forumites: For those of you who use Safari as your web browser, you may have noticed that one of it's few shortcomings is that it doesn't natively support Google searches directly from the address bar. The above plugin will add said functionality, bringing it's Google-From-The-Address-Bar capabilities more in line with the feature sets found in Chrome, Opera and Firefox."

How's that? :fawk:
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I know dude, I run a website or two. :lol:
Do you really, honestly, after all this time, think that I haven't used Chrome? Really? :lol:

I'm passing it on to people that use Safari. GTFO. :fawk:

First post edited. :lol:
Ahh. You and....?

Dude. You use Opera. :lol:
Who the fuck uses Safari?
I'm do web development. I have to use every browser, so that when I code shit, I can check to make sure that the edits render correctly in all of the major ones. Thus, me.
Yes, you have to use it for testing purposes. But who uses it because they choose to?

I'm sure if you didn't do Safari testing, no one would notice. :lol:
I rotate between 'em. On OSX, Safari is actually almost as fast as Chrome.
1 - 8 of 24 Posts
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