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I mentioned this in the Kindle thread a while back - once every so often, my Kindle would reboot mid-page. I thought it was because I was bumping the power switch. It happened a couple of times today, and I found this:

The Escapist : News : Amateur Engineer Figures Out Why His Kindle Randomly Restarts

The lit case which retails for $59.99 uses gold hooks which supply power to the light bulb so that you can read on the go. Gizis figured out that the non-lit case uses two black painted hooks to attach the Kindle to the leather case. At first, these hooks conduct no electricity because the paint blocks it but as the case sees more wear and tear, the paint starts to chip off. And because this is where the light would get its electricity from, Gizis made the leap in logic that maybe it's siphoning off power from the device, causing all of the power downs and headaches.

"So out came the handy-dandy Radio Shack multimeter, set to measure resistance," said Gizis. "Depending on your contact you can see some pretty low values, which imply a pretty good connection between the two. This is why the Kindle crashes. Once a bit of paint has rubbed off the hooks, power starts flowing through the cover, leading to brownouts; the CPU does not get enough juice to operate properly and ends out either hung or rebooting!"
The non-lighted case has painted metal hooks, while the lighted version has gold plated ones that are a bit more rugged. I'd been meaning to "upgrade" anyway, and though I never took mine out of the case after putting it in there the first time, it's not a 100% solid connection.

Just a handy tip if you have a Kindle with the non-lighted case and run into this. Amazon's offering free returns on them, regardless of how old it is. :yesway:
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